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How to Repair a Singer Sewing Machine at Home

Repairing of some of the singer sewing machines can be done at home. Especially of the older models. The newer ones are technologically complex & need professional help in repairing them. Here are some of the steps of repairing your old & trusted singer sewing machine. STEP 1: You have to first determine the model […]

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How to Use a Sewing Machine

Before anyone start to sew, they must get familiar with the sewing machine. There are various types of sewing machines available in the market. One must choose the model that suits their need the most. There are no hard & fast rules when it comes to choosing a sewing machine. After buying the sewing machine […]

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How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

Threading a brother sewing machine is somewhat different from threading other brands of sewing machines. That is why it may appear to be a little complicated to some people who are not familiar with the Brother models. Very often the Brother models carry pictures or diagrams showing the procedures of threading them. Here we are […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

If you are learning to use a sewing machine for the first time or trying to refresh those old sewing skills then go through our sewing machine guide for beginners. Learning to sew can be both fun & entertaining. But before you can begin to sew there are some essentials that one must have. They […]

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Sewing Clothes with a Sewing Machine

Sewing encompasses a wide variety of tasks. It includes within itself a wide array of tasks ranging from sewing a button to manufacturing garments. Home sewing is basically confined to the very basic works of sewing. But with a little bit of knowledge & help you can sew complete clothing ranges of awesome quality at […]

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