Tips on How to Measure the Body for Sewing Pants

It is never interesting to have clothes sewn for you and then you find out that they do not fit when you want to wear them. To avoid such kinds of situations, it is very advisable that prior to running out to the fabric shop to shop for the perfect pattern for your pants, you are aware of how to measure the body for sewing pants. Below are a number of simple steps on taking body measurements for sewing pants that you can follow and your sewing experience is guaranteed to be both pleasurable and easy.


The first step in taking body measurements for sewing pants is to wear the underpants and also the shoes that you intend to wear together with the complete pair of pants. It will really aid you in obtaining accurate measurements.

The second step on how to measure the body for sewing is to hold the measuring tape in such a way that ensures that it is not too loose or too tight. Bear in mind that prior to the start of sewing your pants; you will have to take six different measurements.

So as to be able to get your waist measurement as you are taking body measurements for sewing pants, you will be required to take measurements around your natural waistline. The natural waistline is found just on top of the navel. For the hips, you ought to measure approximately seven inches under your waistline around the region that is widest.

So as to get the length of your crotch, take the tape measure and start from the front center waistline then move it to between your legs and then move back up to your back center waistline. So as to measure the depth of your crotch, first sit on a chair and then measure from the side of the waist to the seat of the chair.

When taking body measurements for sewing pants for the length of the pants, you will be required to stand up after which you measure starting at the side waist them move on down to the hem. You have to be very careful as to where the hem is owing to the fact lack of proper knowledge of this will result in your having shorter than expected pants.

The final step on how to measure the body for sewing is to determine the circumference of the upper leg. How tight or loose you hold the tape measure at this point is all dependent on how fitting you would like the pants to be. You get the circumference through measuring around the part of the thigh that is widest.

Ensure that you are very careful and as accurate as possible as you take these measurements. This will help you to avoid getting pants that do not fit or getting pants that are uneven having other areas longer or shorter than others or having other parts of the pants not fitting you. Keen following of the above steps will allow you to get perfectly fitting pants.

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