Tips on How to Choose a Sewing Machine Needle

Sewing projects are very crucial and a lot of measures need to be taken to ensure that everything is done right. Very crucial to the success of any sewing project is the proper knowledge on how to choose a sewing machine needle. This is all owing to the fact making use of the wrong sewing machine needle could result in loose or skipped stitches, aggravation or broken thread. It could also result in the machine resisting stitching altogether. This then goes to say that it is extremely important for one to be aware of the proper choosing of a sewing machine needle. Below is a guide that could go a long way in aiding you to choose a sewing needle of the correct size in accordance to the type of fabric that you have. Bear in mind that the guide is mostly focused on knit fabrics.


The first step in the proper choosing of a sewing machine needle is to but a wide range of universal or ball point needles. The ballpoint needles have a tip that is dull and rounded that let knitwear fibers to easily bend around the needle and not breaking. Standard needles will not effectively work on a knit. In the event that your selection is restricted or your budget is tight, universal needles will be more suitable owing to the fact that they are compatible with a large number of fabrics.

Before choosing a sewing machine needle ensures that you properly analyze the knit fabric to check the density and weight. A sheer illusion knit will need a needle that is finer than a coarse woolen fabric will. Finer knits will clearly show scarring or damage in the event that you make use of a needle that is too large.

Another tip on how to choose a sewing machine needle is to choose the size of needle that will work for the project. Make use of size nine to eleven for sheer knits and lightweights, 11 or 14 in the event that you have medium weight such as the normal t-shirt jersey and for the heavyweight which conclude the dense cotton sweater knit 14 to 16 would be appropriate and for the very heavy knits which include thick winter woolens 16 to 18 would be appropriate.

The final step when choosing a sewing machine needle is to insert the needle inside the machine after which you test the stitching that it will produce making use of a small square of fabric. Ensure that all the stitches that are produced are very tight and they have even spacing between them and that all of them are of the same size. In the event that this is not the situation, either make an attempt with a needle of a different size or check the stitch tension of the upper thread.

In the event that you keenly follow the above steps, you will be able to select the right type of sewing machine needle without much of a problem and you sewing project will be without a doubt guaranteed to be a success.

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