Has Sewing ever been out of Fashion?

I was reading through this article at TheStar.com about sewing being back in fashion. There are some good points made.

Sewing is back. It skipped a generation or two as prices for clothing dropped and it became cheaper and easier to buy rather than make clothes. Now consumers, some exhausted by shopping, others by debt, some rudely awakened by the images of dead bodies pulled from the collapsed factory building in Bangladesh are jumping off the consumer treadmill to take up slow clothing.

This is a good way to look at it. Sewing has a purpose for people again, it helps them achieve their needs and wants in ways that society is not providing to them. This is great stuff.

I like to see people crafting their own means of life, be it making their own food, building their own homes, creating our own clothing, or anything along those lines. It makes us appreciate what it takes to truly be self-sufficient.

No matter what the reason is for your sewing habits, sewing is a productive hobby and it helps us produce things we find useful as opposed to just buying from others, and that is what makes it satisfying for many.


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