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Has Sewing ever been out of Fashion?

I was reading through this article at TheStar.com about sewing being back in fashion. There are some good points made. Sewing is back. It skipped a generation or two as prices for clothing dropped and it became cheaper and easier to buy rather than make clothes. Now consumers, some exhausted by shopping, others by debt, […]

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Bernina Owner Visits Utah

Bernina is a highly regarded sewing machine manufacturer, and the owner made a trip to Utah recently to help open a new Nuttal’s store. Hanspeter Ueltschi is a fourth generation owner of Bernina, and makes a couple trips to the United States each year. Customer’s were excited to meet the owner of Bernina and many […]

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How to Maximize Your Sewing Experience

It is true that sewing can be a tiring job if not done in the right way. With the availability of highly advanced computerized sewing machines, sewing can hardly be tiring these days. The stress which was once associated with sewing has been changed into joy today. But reduction of stress while sewing does not […]

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Sewing Clothes with a Sewing Machine

Sewing encompasses a wide variety of tasks. It includes within itself a wide array of tasks ranging from sewing a button to manufacturing garments. Home sewing is basically confined to the very basic works of sewing. But with a little bit of knowledge & help you can sew complete clothing ranges of awesome quality at […]

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