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How to Maximize Your Sewing Experience

It is true that sewing can be a tiring job if not done in the right way. With the availability of highly advanced computerized sewing machines, sewing can hardly be tiring these days. The stress which was once associated with sewing has been changed into joy today. But reduction of stress while sewing does not […]

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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Threading a sewing machine is one of the easiest things to do although it may appear to be a very difficult thing initially. But once you get a hang of it literally becomes a child’s play. Threading a sewing machine requires good eyesight. So if you have glasses, wear them while threading a machine. Just […]

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Sewing Machine Care: Top Tips

Oiling a sewing machine is probably the most important aspect of sewing machine care. Sewing machines are precision instruments whether it’s a low end mechanical machine or a high-tech computerized one. All type of sewing machines need oiling including the computerized ones. Oiling keeps the sewing machine in running condition by smoothing the areas under […]

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