Some Common Sewing Machine Problems & Remedies

Like any other advanced machines of today sewing machines are also high tech & complex. Fixing their problems might require the help of a trained professional. But there some basic problems that occurs in a sewing machine which can be fixed at home with a little bit of know how.

The first thing to keep in mind is that don’t get frustrated or panicked if your machine is not working properly. If you are having trouble working with the machine then be sure to check the instruction manual.

Sewing machine top view of quiltingIf you have lost the original manual then try to get it from the store where you have originally bought the machine or from someone who uses a same machine.

Most of these manuals contain a “Troubleshooting” section which describes some basic problems that may occur with the machine, e.g. breaking of threads & needles, noisy operation, skipped stitches etc.

Thread breakage

Usage of right kind of threads & needles for various stitching works eliminates various problems that might occur in a sewing machine. If you are a beginner & do not have much knowledge of threads & needles then ask for advice from people who are experienced in using sewing machines. You can also look for the same in the owner’s manual. Always use new threads for sewing purposes. Older threads become weak over time & break easily. Also make sure that the thread & the needle are inserted properly.

If the lower thread breaks then the most probable cause for it is an improperly wound bobbin. If this happens wound the bobbin properly.

Needle stops moving

If the needle stops moving in the middle of stitching then check if you still have upper thread left or you have run out of it. If you have run out of upper thread then replace it with a new one. Another reason for this problem could be that the presser foot may be up. In that case just lower the presser foot.

Machine threading

The reason for irregular stitches could be the incorrect insertion of thread in the needle from the spool. If you are having these problems then check out if your machine is threaded correctly. Just to be sure re-thread the upper thread in a proper way.

Noisy machine

If the machine is making uncanny noise while running then it is probably because the placement of the bobbin & threading has not been done correctly. If the bobbin has not been placed correctly in the bobbin case then the machine will make noises or it may not run at all. Also if the thread is tangled inside the bobbin case then the machine will have problems running. Just untangle the threads & insert them properly in the bobbin to make it work smoothly. It is a good idea to clean every nooks & crannies of the bobbin case regularly to keep it dirt free.

Tension adjustment

Different fabric & thread combinations require different tension adjustments. Wrong tension may result in thread breakage & seam puckering. The best way to check, if tension adjustment is correct or not, is to take a piece of scrap fabric & do some test stitching. If the stitching come out smoothly then tension adjustment is correct.
If any of this solutions don’t work then your machine is having some serious problems & it might need professional help in repairing it.

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