Bernina Owner Visits Utah

Bernina is a highly regarded sewing machine manufacturer, and the owner made a trip to Utah recently to help open a new Nuttal’s store. Hanspeter Ueltschi is a fourth generation owner of Bernina, and makes a couple trips to the United States each year.

Customer’s were excited to meet the owner of Bernina and many had great things to say about the company and their products.

Customer Gayle Peacock showed up at the store Monday about a half hour before Ueltschi’s visit to have her Bernina signed.

“It will be kind of neat to have his name on my machine,” said Peacock. “This is my second machine. I have had a Bernina for 48 years. My mother had a Bernina when I was a little girl. That’s one reason I am so sold on it.”

Ueltschi had good insight on the sewing industry today:

“Sewing used to be a must to save money,” he said. “Twenty years ago, it became a hobby … People still buy sewing machines to make clothes, but there is not the saving aspect. They want to create something unique and want to be individuals. They don’t want to buy everything that is available in the big stores.”

Read more about Ueltschi’s appearance here.

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