Tips on How to Organize a Sewing Craft Room and Fabric

Craft and sewing rooms often present a challenge on organizing them owing to the fact that a large number of times they are small spaces yet include house activities that need ample room and storage to work on the projects. Maximize the amount of space that you have available using functional furniture and creative storage for fabric, craft accessories and sewing tools arranged and easy to reach.


What you will need

  • Storage bins
  • Cardboard
  • Zippered plastic bags
  • Shelves
  • Clear plastic trays
  • Tool box or tackle box
  • Baskets
  • Pegboard
  • File folders
  • Table or desk work surface
  • Square bins


The first tip on how to organize a sewing craft room is to sort all your sewing and craft supplies so as to be able to tell the type of storage that you will need. Create piles for every kind of accessory such as heat tools, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, decorative scissors and thread. Repurpose or buy storage options which include bookcases, shelves and bins designed to cater for your needs and your room.

In the organization of a sewing craft room, you will require to arrange the fabric in accordance with a specific criterion. For example, kind, pattern or color of material. Stack vertically all complete bolts on a low shelf. Take cardboard squares and fold cut yardage around them and stash them in a storage bin or a bookshelf or put every piece of fabric inside a zippered plastic bag which is labeled with care instructions, fabric composition and the yardage.

Take small object such as bobbins, sewing needles, findings and beads and corral them in clear plastic trays that have divides on the inside to separate sizes and colors for proper organization of a sewing craft room. A tool box or tackle box could also act as a portable craft kit.

Have the bulky items stored in large storage bins or drawers. Ensure that every container is clearly labeled to allow you easily locate what you require. To achieve long term storage in the organization of sewing or craft room, stack bins in a closet but ensure that the objet you frequently used are close to your workplace so you can easily access them.

Another tip on how to organize a sewing craft room is to have on the wall a pegboard mounted to allow you to conveniently store accessories like ribbons, sewing tools, thread spools that could hang on pegs. To the board, have baskets mounted to store small objects that you make use of frequently.

To allow easy selection, have flat, square shelves or bins to store decorative papers in. You could also sort them according to pattern, color or size and store them in file folders that have been labeled.

Develop a workspace when organizing a sewing craft room that has a desk or table that is big enough to allow for projects that take up a lot of space which include arranging quilting squares, cutting fabric or spreading out scrapbook pages. Make a plan for storage of table top machines which include vinyl cutter, laminator, serger and a sewing machine.

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