Sewing Machine Care: Top Tips

Oiling a sewing machine is probably the most important aspect of sewing machine care. Sewing machines are precision instruments whether it’s a low end mechanical machine or a high-tech computerized one. All type of sewing machines need oiling including the computerized ones. Oiling keeps the sewing machine in running condition by smoothing the areas under stress in the machine. A sewing machine is run by many gears, cams & levers. Oiling those areas regularly keeps the machine in working condition which is imperative if your living depends on sewing machines.

Closeup of sewing machineAs a general rule a sewing machine needs oiling approximately every 20 hours of continuous operation. But before you start oiling the machine read the owner’s manual thoroughly, especially the oiling part. It is imperative to know your sewing machine inside out. Otherwise you can end up damaging the machine out of your ignorance. That’s why reading the owner’s manual is all so important.

After you have read the manual & got the required knowledge, it is time to choose the right kind of oil. Mostly sewing machine oil is given with the sewing machine itself. But there are some brands which do not provide that facility to their buyers. Never use any kind of household oils, cooking oil or automotive oil. Always use machine oil for this purpose. If you have the required oil then it is perfect otherwise, consult with your dealer as to which oil you should use to oil your machine.

Next take a small screw driver, a small screw driver, a clean paper towel, a few cotton swabs, some absorbent scrap fabric and your sewing machine’s manual. Even though some sewing machines are similar, most of them are different from each other in their make. That is why you need to have the owner’s manual with you while undertaking the cleaning operation.

Do not oil the machine at any places except where the manual states. You may end up damaging the machine if you let your imagination get the better of you while oiling your sewing machine.

Oiling should always be done after a thorough cleaning of the machine. Lightly dust the machine with a duster. Use muslin clothes or any light fabric to clean the plastic areas. Get rid dust & dirt from every nooks & crannies of the machine. If you do not dust the machine properly & thoroughly before oiling it then you will not be maximising the advantages of oiling. Also oil helps the dust settle inside your machine. So you must always clean the machine before oiling.

Also the thing that should be kept in mind while oiling is, never put huge amount of oil. Reasons for this are- 1) huge amount of oil is not required & 2) it saves oil for you to use in future. Just one drop of oil over every part is more than enough.

The last thing to do is to sew some test clothes to check if your machine is running properly.

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