How to Use a Sewing Machine

Before anyone start to sew, they must get familiar with the sewing machine. There are various types of sewing machines available in the market. One must choose the model that suits their need the most. There are no hard & fast rules when it comes to choosing a sewing machine.

After buying the sewing machine of your choice, start reading the instruction manual very carefully before you start working with it. You must know all the switches & buttons of the machine like the palm of your hand. Stitching with threads & needles can be a tedious process. So it is imperative for you to know how to use a sewing machine. The following steps should help you get started on a sewing machine.

Sewing machine for quiltingStep 1:

If your machine is not a new one then make sure that your machine is in perfect working condition. If it isn’t then get it serviced or buy a new one before starting to stitch.

Step 2:

If it’s a new machine you have purchased then first go through the instruction manual of the machine thoroughly & carefully.

Step 3:

If it’s a hand held sewing machine insert batteries according to the instruction manual.

Step 4:

Select a needle according to the fabric you are using. On the sewing machine there should be a hand wheel on the right side. With the help of this hand wheel raise the needle post to its highest position. You will also have to raise the presser foot. In case of a hand held machine then switch off the machine or make sure it is locked for safety. Then turn the rotator wheel in the opposite direction to lift the needle to its highest position.


Insert the thread through the hole provided for it on the machine. Then pull the top end of the thread to the right & the bottom end to the back of the sewing machine.


Take the fabric/fabrics you are planning to sew & place them properly.


Lower the presser foot on the fabric & start turning the hand wheel. This starts the actual stitching process. Keep on pressing the foot pedal & gently direct the movement of the fabric to the direction of the stitching. Again in case of a hand held machine hold the fabric with the left hand & the machine with the right hand. Switch on & unlock the machine to start stitching. To turn around corners stop the machine & lower the needle & keep on stitching.


When the stitching is over raise the needle position one more time to its highest position, bring up the presser foot & take out the piece of fabric you were stitching from the sewing machine. Cut the top & bottom end of the thread to free the fabric from the machine.


Always keep in mind that in case of handheld sewing machines do not pull or drag the fabric to prevent damage to the needle, machine and the fabric. Also in case of handheld machines adjust the tension wheels properly.


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