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SINGER 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine

Review: Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine

If you’ve ever sat down behind a sewing machine to work before, there’s a good chance it was a Singer. After all, Singer has built a brand name that’s practically synonymous with high-quality sewing machines. It’s no wonder, then, that the Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine is such a popular sewing machine with experienced seamstresses and beginners alike.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

If you are learning to use a sewing machine for the first time or trying to refresh those old sewing skills then go through our sewing machine guide for beginners. Learning to sew can be both fun & entertaining. But before you can begin to sew there are some essentials that one must have. They […]

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Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine

Review: Brother XL2600I 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

It’s not often that you find an affordable sewing machine that’s affordable for virtually everyone. That’s why it was shocking when we discovered the Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine. It’s well known that Brother makes some high quality sewing machines, but this one even has “Affordable” in the name.

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A Basic Sewing Machines Review

Basic swing machines generally refer to the machines which are used by beginners for basic sewing works. These are also called mechanical sewing machines. These are the same machines which mothers & wives use at home for sewing little things like Halloween costumes for children. These machines meet the day to day sewing needs of […]

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