A Basic Sewing Machines Review

Basic swing machines generally refer to the machines which are used by beginners for basic sewing works. These are also called mechanical sewing machines. These are the same machines which mothers & wives use at home for sewing little things like Halloween costumes for children. These machines meet the day to day sewing needs of a household & are not suited for large projects. Machines of this type are characterized by knobs & dials which adjusts the stitch length & width, presser foot, thread tension etc. Almost all the functions of these machines are done manually since no electricity is required in running these machines.

Since these machines perform basic sewing tasks, so they don’t need to have hundreds of stitch types & tens of buttonholes. What the buyers should look for in a basic sewing machine is a good build quality rather than fancy features.

When we speak of basic sewing machines the name that automatically springs to mind is Singer. Although Singer is brand to reckon with in this field, today other brands of sewing machines have caught up with Singer in this area & some have even surpassed it. All the major brands of sewing machines e.g. Kenmore, Brother and White are today manufactured in Asia just as Singer. So in terms of quality as well Singer is no better or worse than other major brands available in the market. So while brand name may become a factor while purchasing a sewing machine of this type, it should no way be the only consideration.

A good handy mechanical sewing machine can cost anything between $50 to $500 depending on the brand, features, services offered etc. These are some of the good basic sewing machines that we think might suit your need.

  1. Brother XL-2600i: Contains 25 stitches and a one-step buttonhole — an improvement over the machines that make you perform all four buttonhole steps on your own. It has a buttonhole attachment where you pop the button you want to use into the attachment, and the calculations are done automatically. There is no need for you to do any measuring. It also comes with a thread cutter, automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin, along with six snap-on presser feet. But it has been found that this model of Brother’s doesn’t handle thick fabrics like jeans very well.
  2. Brother XL-2610: Is almost identical to the XL-2600i, with one important distinction. The buttonhole function requires four steps instead of one. While user reviews are good for this $100 sewing machine than for any other model in their price range, we believe a one-step buttonhole is an important feature.
  3. Singer 3116: Better than the Brother 2610 model in the way that it has a one step buttonhole function. But compared to 2600 model of Brother’s it has only 16 stitches while the Brother’s have 25. Reviews for this machine is not very great. Complaints of jams are common with this machine.
  4. Singer 2932: The reviews for this machine are somewhat better than the 3116. Contains 35 stitches compared to the brother 2600’s 25 & Singer’s 3116’s 16. While the company claims to have corrected the jam problems with this machine but still some problems regarding bobbin jam persists. Also at $150 it is way too expensive than other systems on offer.

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