Review: Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use 10-Stitch Sewing Machine

Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight BasicIf you’re looking for a basic, affordable sewing machine, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the fancy, high-priced sewing machines that are commonly advertised.

The Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine, on the other hand, gives you solid performance at a price that’s hard to beat. And even though the Brother LS2125I is basic and affordable, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a few surprises.

There are built-in functions on the Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine that are usually reserved for the most expensive models, which means you get more than your money’s worth from this sewing machine.

What Do Customers Say

Before you read the features and specs for the Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine, it’s smart to take a look at what some real-life customers have to say about it. After all, you want to know how good a product is before you buy it, and customer testimonials are often the best proof that you could ask for.

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We found 150 customer reviews for this model, and the majority of them were very good. People couldn’t resist talking about how easy this sewing machine is to use. Some even said that they bought it as a “back-up”, but it’s now their regular sewing machine for every project.

Brother LS2125I Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine Features

  • Lightweight and portable for every basic sewing project
  • Converts from a flatbed sewing machine to a free-arm sew surface
  • Comes with 10 built in stitches with multiple functions and an automatic 4 step buttonholer
  • 110 volt sewing machine that operates with a foot pedal
  • Easy to use quick bobbin wind, tension dial and snap-on presser feet
  • Light bulb for great sewing light conditions
  • Comes with a 25 year warranty

One of the features that I found extremely helpful is the built in storage area. You know that when you sew, it’s often hard to find thread, scissors or other sewing accessories. With this handy storage area, you’ll have a spot to keep everything you need. You could even store a spare pair of glasses in this compartment.

It’s the little features that often make a product top-notch, and this feature, as basic as it is, happens to be pretty useful. It’s hard to believe that a manufacturer could pack so many useful features into such a lightweight sewing machine, but that’s just what Brother has done with their LS2125I sewing machine.

A Trusted Manufacturer

If you’ve been a sewing enthusiast for some time, you probably already know that Brother is well known for making high quality sewing machines. The Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine certainly builds on their reputation for delivering high quality at a very low price.

Whether you plan to buy a back-up machine or just want to have a lightweight, easy-to-use sewing machine, you can’t go wrong with the Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine. It’s small on price, but big on functionality.

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