Making Sense of Embroidery Sewing Machines

In the world of sewing machines embroidery sewing machines are new entrants. Industrial embroidery machines have been working for a many years. But as far as home embroidery sewing machines are concerned they have hit the markets only a few years back. Traditionally embroidery is done by hand. But with the arrival of embroidery machines, embroidery has taken a whole new outlook. Today embroidery is less painful & stressing. If you found doing embroidery by hand was a hard job it will no longer be the case with these new machines.

So what are these embroidery sewing machines after all? What do they do? How will they benefit you? We will discuss all of it in the course of this article.

Although it is called an embroidery sewing machine, some of the machines only performs embroidery works. Rest will do both embroidery & sewing tasks.  It will not do any of your regular sewing works. So it will sew you new garments. It will only help you make new designs & patterns on those garments. It will do monograms on T-shirts, towels etc. It will also help you create those complex design patterns that you are use to seeing on the clothes that you buy from the stores & the ones you could only ever dreamed of sewing.

So how does this machine work? An embroidery sewing machine works almost in a similar fashion as a regular sewing machine. The only distinctive part is, it has a built in computer. The computer is really the heart & soul of the machine. It tells the machine which patterns to make & how to make them. It also acts as the storing device for designs. To make a design you only select the pattern you want, place the fabric below the needle & store the right coloured threads- the computer does the rest. You can also leave the machine unattended in the middle of work. But if it is a multi coloured patter you are creating then you have to change the threads with the right colour whenever it is required.

The patterns you want to have in the machine can be bought or you can create them on your own & store it in the computer of the machine.

There are a variety of embroidery sewing machines available today in the market. The price of an embroidery machine today varies from $800 to $8000 depending on the brand, features the machine offers, the software that comes with it etc. High end embroidery machines will offer you features like automatic threading and colour change, touch-screen LCD monitors, variety of built-in fonts and motifs, the ability to sew larger pieces, resize designs, change font sizes, built-in conversion software so that you can purchase designs made for a different brand of machine and load them on yours and much more.

Lower end machines are less fancy & obviously offer less features than its higher end cousins. But still they would come with many design & patterns. These machines are especially good for beginners. But at the end of the day whichever machine you buy should be based on the requirements you have & it should suit your budget.

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